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Dear Colleague

Traineeship Position Available:

We are an international publishing house with a large network of
partners. We are looking for active and dedicated interns (students or
volunteers for a short or for a long-term work) to join our professional
team in language / business / administration management and or develop the
marketing area or maintaining/developing the website with more input and
creativity. By being a part of this company, you will have
the opportunity to put into practice your know how but also to learn more
and gain work experience We also welcome suggestions and proposals during
the traineeship period.

There is no deadlines to apply for a traineership, the applicant can apply

For more details, contact us.

Ms.Halttu Irmeli

WFL Publisher Ltd.
Meri-Rastilantie 3 B FIN-00980 Helsinki, Finland

Mobile: 050 505 11 35
Tel/Fax: 09 75 92 775




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