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As summer approaches your students may be planning a stay in Europe. The University of Angers offers what might be an exciting way to have an interesting and useful experience for their future career, while enjoying two weeks in Angers.

We offer six different Summer Schools from June 29 to July 10, 2015. The summer schools are intensive experiences which bring together young people and experts from all over the world. The lectures, workshops, projects and visits are all interactive and are all in English. They tend to be in scientific fields, with a strong health science and biology component.

This a short summary of these six schools:

Research Summer School
. This was the first school and has been a success for four years. It brings together undergraduates in health and biological sciences and gives them a first-hand experience with research careers in these fields. It would be suitable for pre-Med, and Biology students,

Mitochondrial Science
. Biology undergraduates and graduates, interested in microbiology, cellular biology and genetics. A strong dimension in health sciences which would also be a worthwhile experience for pre-med students,

Bioinformatics. This new school explores the interface between IT/high tech applied to biology and health sciences. It would be of interest to undergraduates and graduates in Biological Sciences who are tech friendly and who wish to have a first experience with the development of this very topical field,

Plant Sciences. Angers is a world center for research in plant sciences with national research centers in horticulture and several research units and companies in related fields. This would be suitable for undergraduate and graduate students in Botany and Biology.

There is also a Summer School in Ethics is taught in French.

The sixth school is the Cancer Summer School and it is more appropriate for Med School students.

A nominal fee is charged and it includes virtually all of the participant's expenses (housing, activities, room and most meals), except for travel to and from. The objective for us is to provide a forum and to attract international students and faculty for a unique experience.

Here's a link to the site for more info: Summer schools - University of Angers

Mme Aurélie Giacomini, from the Faculty of Medicine, can answer your questions about these programs. You can contact her by e-mail at or phone her at 02 41 73 58 90.

We draw your attention on the fact that deadline to register to our summer schools is on 15 of April, 2015.

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