Praktyki w Barcelonie

Dear Ms/Mr,

We offer internships through Erasmus+ Programme in the following business areas: Management; Marketing and PR; Design; Media and Communications; SEO; Tourism; Spanish Philology. We develop the tasks of the interns according to our working environment, their education, needs and interests.We will be glad to host your interns.

Please find below an example of task for ¨Marketing, Madia and PR¨ internship.

Number of working hours per week:

min 4h-max8 per day (40h per week, 2 days off during the week (From Monday to Thursday)


Traineeship title: Management, Marketing and PR


Detailed programme of the traineeship period...


· Introduction and basic training in Event Project Management and Team building

· Online and Social Media Marketing

· Media and Communication (PR)

· Development of new techniques to improve the Social Media Marketing

· Building new ties with potential partners

· Leadership Skills and Follow up


Knowledge, skills and competences to be acquired by the trainee at the end of the traineeship

Understands the dynamics that drive how a particular business operates.
Knowledge of appropriate office practices and procedures.
Ability to follow instructions and standard work processes to perform routine
Ability to check work for accuracy before completion of tasks.
Ability to determine when tasks are complete.

Possesses a deep and broad knowledge base in fundamental technical skill sets.

Stays informed on emerging trends.

Must be able to use strategic and critical approaches to decision‐making.
Must objectively consider issues, identify alternatives, and choose and implement solutions approaches in order to deliver services and provide value.
Ability to work in international team and integrate in different culture and

working environment.


Monitoring plan

The trainee will have to set up series of related weekly and long-term goals with the help of the mentor/s. Trainee will take necessary steps toward the achievement of at least one goal every day. Weekly meeting with the supervisor at the organisation and regular meeting with mentor/s have to be organised.

We are looking forward for future cooperation! If you need more information don´t hesitate to contact us.

Best Regards,
Aneta Toncheva
Project Coordinator
Erasmus Barcelona Team