Oulu UAS' International Staff Training Week, 18 – 22 May 2015


Dear colleague(s)!


We'd like to announce Oulu UAS' International Staff Training Week, 18 - 22 May 2015:




The programme is targeted at staff working in internationalisation, especially in the following areas:


* Involving and Supporting Staff and Teachers in Internationalisation

* How to make Staff Mobility Visible in the Higher Education Institution?

* Components of a Teacher/Staff Mobility Learning Experience

* Preparing Outgoing Staff for Cultural Experience

* Experiences and Good Practices of Teacher/Staff Exchange Weeks


Feel free to check the programme in more detail from our website, and spread the news to your colleagues. It offers plenty of opportunities to share our practices and learn with and from each other.


Please note that the online registration is open only until 28 February, and we prefer applications from one person per partner institution in order to have a good mix of staff benefiting from the training week.


With cooperation regards from Oulu,


International Services Team, Kotkantie Campus (Engineering, Natural Resources, Media, Performing Arts)


Claire Le Parc, +358 40 631 6709, claire.leparc@oamk.fi (Erasmus+ Trainee 15 January - 15 June)

Bastian Fähnrich, +358 50 31 749 31, bastian.fahnrich@oamk.fi (Incoming Mobility)

Katja Kurasto, +358 050 4683451, katja.kurasto@oamk.fi (Outgoing Mobility)