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Internship at ILC Inspired Learning Centre

ILC Learning Learning Centre is recruiting interns for school year 2014-2015.

What is the internship about?

The successful candidate will learn a lot about the European Comission funded projects (mainly Erasmus+, the old Lifelong Learning Programme); they will assist in drafting of the proposals and implementing funded projects.
More specifically, their duties will be:

Creating and update of existing databases
Admin support (filing documents, updating folders and files, etc.)
Correspondence with project partners
Drafting project proposals
Finding new/getting i touch with prospective project partners using social media and email marketing
Promotion of and event organization (workshops, seminars, training courses)

Who are we looking for?

We are looking for a person with a very good command of the English language. You need to be a creative and an initiative person, able to work independently and as a part of a small team.
It is important for you to feel comfortable around people(sending emails, contacting over the phone or face to face interactions with course participants).

How do we work?

ILC isn't based in a "real" office - we are a remote team working from our homes and meeting regularly to update one another on the progress of work.
all you need to do do is bring your laptop with you, and you will be able to work from the place you're be staying in - no need to commute to work everyday!
During the first few week the meetings will be more frequent - a member of our team will spend all the time needed guiding you on how to implement the various tasks.

When do you start?

ILC is open to admitting new trainees all year round. Just let us know when you're planning to come to Cyprus, book your flight tickets and we will help you find a suitable accommodation.
We are looking forward to welcoming you to your internship with ILC!

ILC - Inspired Learning Centre

At Inspired Learning Centre we believe that learning, whether professional or personal development is concerned, is natural ability of every individual and organization.
Learning should be a creative, exciting, joyful and inspired process which involves unfolding our potential as we step out of the box of current possibilities to the area of new opportunities.
Inspired Learning Centre (ILC) has developed a series of very practical personal development programmes that are delivered in supportive and inspiring atmosphere.
Thanks to Erasmus+ Programme we are able to give you the opportunity to experience a professional teacher training course in the climate of Mediterraean island of Cyprus - free of charge.

We are looking forward to welcoming you to the training!

Contat us at for more information and assistance.
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