Corinne Matthews - stypendystka Fulbrighta na Politechnice Poznańskiej

Na Politechnice Poznańskiej obecnie przebywa stypendystka programu Fulbrighta Corinne Matthews z Southern Methodist University. Corinne Matthews jest pracownikiem dydaktycznym Centrum Języków i Komunikacji na Politechnice Poznańskiej. Uczęszczała do Southern Methodist University w Dallas, w Teksasie, gdzie uzyskała tytuł licencjata w dziedzinie inżynierii elektrycznej, matematyki i języka angielskiego, a dyplom magistra elektrotechniki w specjalności Computer Engineering. Corinne była również członkinią zespołu Mustang Marching Band, w którym grała na saksofonie altowym. Cieszy się z możliwości łączenia doświadczenia w nauce zarówno języka angielskiego, jak i inżynierii. Po pobycie na stypendium Fulbrighta ma w planach napisanie doktoratu. W wolnych chwilach gra na saksofonie i klarnecie, ćwiczy jogę i czyta książki, jej ulubioną książką jest „Ruchomy zamek" Hauru Diana Wynne Jones.

Where are you from? What are you doing at your University?

I'm from Dallas, Texas, where I studied at Southern Methodist University. I earned a BS in Electrical Engineer, a BS in Mathematics, and a BA in English in 2013, and an MS in Electrical Engineering in 2014. I was also a member of the Mustang Marching Band, in which I played the saxophone, the professional engineering fraternity Theta Tau, and the sorority Gamma Phi Beta.

What are you doing in Poland under the Fulbright Foundation scholarship?


Here at the Poznań University of Technology, I'm teaching English classes with engineering specific vocabulary at the Center for Language and Communication. I'm also starting a conversation club where anyone can come and practice their conversational and technical English speaking skills. 

Why did you choose Poznan and Poznan University of Technology?


Although I applied specifically to Poland because of their interest in applicants with degrees in math and science, I was not able to apply to a specific city. I consider myself quite fortunate to be placed in a city as lovely as Poznań! 

What are the benefits of professional reference stay in Poznan?


I'm really enjoying teaching because it allows me to combine my love of English and engineering in one classroom. Since my eventual goal to be a professor in the United States, any teaching experience I can get is wonderful. Getting that teaching experience abroad where I can experience another culture is just a cherry on top.



How different is your scientific work in the United States and Poland?


I'm sort of in the middle of an educational shift at the moment--although much of my background is in engineering, when I go back, I will be getting a Master's degree in English with a specialization in Children's Literature. Spending a year teaching English, but about engineering topics, makes a good transition. 

What are your impressions of your stay in Poznan?


Poznań is a lovely city with a lot of history. Although I love the States, most of the things that happened there happened in (compared to European) recent memory. 

How would you rate Fulbright scholarship? Is it useful, needed our scientific communities?


I think that Fulbright provides a wonderful opportunity to promote cultural understanding and exchange.  Keeping the scientific community connected promotes understanding and innovation--my students help me see the world from a different vantage point every day, and that can only lead to new ideas.