20th International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics – 27-31 August 2013

The first International Conference on Computer Methods in Mechanics (CMM) was held in Poznan in 1973. This very successful conference initiated a series of subsequent conferences organized every two years by different Polish Universities. The 20th CMM Conference continues a 40-years tradition and will take place again in Poznan University of Technology. Till 2009 these meetings have been organized under the honourable patronage of late professor Olgierd Zienkiewicz. These conferences succeeded in gathering together both the world known experts in the field as well as younger researchers starting their professional carriers. The common general objective of CMM Conferences is to provide a forum for presentation and discussion of new ideas referring to the theoretical background as well as practical applications of computational mechanics. The program of each conference reflects current extensive research in this field of science.


Institute of Structural Engineering
Poznan University of Technology
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