Seminarium OPTICOM 2012 - 23 listopada 2012

OptiCom 2012

The Seminar will take place in Poznań/Poland, at Poznań University of Technology on the 23rd of November 2012 (9.00 am - 6.00 pm).

     The Seminar is organized by Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines (PSSCE/PTNSS) and Faculty of Machines and Transportation of Poznań University of Technology. This meeting should create a forum for discussions on current problems concerning optical investigations of the phenomena and processes occurring during mixture formation and combustion, particularly in internal combustion engines. The discussions should turn out helpful for a better understanding and more efficient application of such methods in the research and development of modern fuelling and combustion systems in combustion engines.

This announcement is being distributed among the members of Polish Scientific Society of Combustion Engines, other possibly interested scholars and industry representatives. Over 100 participants representing science, research and industry, mainly from Poland, Germany, Austria and UK are expected to attend this event.

The presentations held by the invited speakers will be distributed among the participants of the Seminar on CD. The invited speakers are kindly asked to submit their presentations not later then until the 10th of November 2012 and the final version of the prepared manuscripts based on the presentation on the Conference (if meant for publication) not later than until the end of the year. The manuscripts submitted will be published in the successive issue of the Combustion Engines Magazine.

The organizers will appreciate information related to your arrival and departure times and the means of transport you intend to use; this is done for a better preparation of your stay in Poznań. For the information about accommodation please visit the PTNSS website Invited speakers are not charged the conference fee.  They will be hosted in the Ibis Hotel within walking distance to the conference venue.

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