The First European Teletraffic Seminar - 14-16 lutego 2011

The 1st European Teletraffic Seminar (ETS) was held at the Poznań University of Technology, Poland. The ETS comes into being as an extension of the Polish German Teletraffic Symposium which was initiated in 2000, and the Nordic Teletraffic Seminar which was initiated in 1977, with kind support of French Teletraffic Community. European Teletraffic Seminar is going to be a series of international seminars providing a forum for discussions between researchers, practitioners, young scientist, and students interested in teletraffic - a discipline covering phenomena in control and transport of information within communication and computer networks. Topics of the 1st ETS cover the subjects related to teletraffic issues in next generation and new generation networks, e.g. Future Internet; architectures, technology, and operation of modern telecommunication and computer networks; broadband and mobile communication systems; integration of a broad spectrum of services; computer and communication systems applications; methods and tools for networks and services modeling; networks and services planning; forecasting and management; performance evaluation, etc.